More Celebrities Who Are Endorsing NFTs

NFT has been around for some time, but it has only taken off in recent years. Nevertheless, it has become a popular term in the online marketing world and is quickly becoming a buzzword.


NFT is a term that stands for non-fungible tokens. It is a digital asset that is unique, non-divisible, and tradable. Most recently, it has become popular among crypto enthusiasts and investors. Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of Blockchain, many celebrities have also stepped into this market. As a result, many other stars have started to endorse NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


Celebrities are endorsing NFTs to gain a new source of revenue and help spread the word about these innovative technologies.


This article will show some stars involved in the web3 space!


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is among those celebrities who are supporting this new digital currency. In January, Bieber posted a picture of an NFT by Bored Ape on his Instagram handle. And now, after a few months, he has bought two digital coins. Although he chose not to comment on this matter, his efforts to promote this new digital coin have been reported by one of the well-known websites for NFTs and blockchain technology, Dirty Bubble Media. This website is developed to keep track of the popularity of the new trends in this digital market.


A lot of celebrities are jumping into cryptocurrency, and that’s great! However, there are still some legal issues regarding cryptocurrencies. For instance, Justin Bieber just purchased an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club for $470,000. Furthermore, it’s his second purchase from the same platform within two weeks. The NFT was created by tens of thousands of graphical illustrations that are developed by algorithmic processes. The problem is that it is listed on the OpenSea platform as Bored Ape #3850.


If the issue remains the same, there are some chances that people will lose their trust in this new digital technology which they believe is protected by Blockchain.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is among the most famous celebrities of our time. She has been involved in various creative business ventures and has recently made her foray into Blockchain technology. She has also been vocal about her interest in the cryptocurrency market, and her recent endorsement of the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is in front of everyone. She is being tweeted on the NFTs and Bitcoin since Feb. In fact, she has released new music in the form of NFT as a gesture to promote NFTs worldwide, especially among her fans.


Besides NFTs, she is also involved in multiple tech-centric ventures. For example, she has also invested her money in a nightclub which she co-owns with her business partner. So, Lohan is not in the limelight for owning businesses or trying to make money using various methods for the first time. However, her relation to the NFTs is new, and it seems that she will continue it.


Recently, she has signed to endorse this new digital asset that can only be bought or sold with digital currency. These tokens can be traded at Rarible, a well-known platform for crypto lovers. Furthermore, it uses Ethereum as a currency for any trade. Lohan’s fans and even ordinary people can buy or sell tokens utilizing this platform to make easy money. However, some risks are always involved in trading cryptocurrency or digital assets like NFTs. Fans must need to be aware of them. Otherwise, they could lose their money in purchasing the assets with depreciating value.


Shawn Mendes

NFT-producing company Genies recently partnered with Shawn Mendes to produce his recent album “Wonder.” Unbelievably, the company has reported generating more than a million dollars within only ten minutes. After that, it donated this money to a charity formed to help young artists.


The story doesn’t stop here. The NFT production company Genies has reached the $10 billion milestone within a day. Most of its credit goes to Mendes, who was among those who endorsed it. Genies is not the only one in the market. Many companies are catching the popularity of celebrities to generate countless profits.


You must know that Mendes is not the only superstar who has become a fan of this new technology. Some other musicians and celebrities have taken an interest in NFTs. For example, Deadmau5 had started selling NFTs as visual stickers. In fact, many other figures like Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda have also stepped into this market to get his share. In addition, Jacques Greene, a Canadian music producer, has also found to be a fan of NFTs, and the list is growing every passing day.


Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong, who doesn’t know this name? He is an American musician, singer, and songwriter who co-founded the punk rock band Green Day, which rocked the world and gave back-to-back hits. Although Billie is a musician, he also has a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. He was one of the first celebrities to invest in them and continues to stay up to date on new developments.


John Cleese

Here is another big name that is not only taking an interest in the NFT world but also selling it. The English actor and comedian is selling a sketch of Brooklyn Bridge. The news is that sketch is being sold as an NFT, which is available on one of the biggest NFT selling platforms, OpenSea. The exciting thing about this sketch is that it was created on an iPad.


Celebrities are utilizing their image for wealth generation and evoking people’s interest in this new type of digital asset that is not only useable but can also generate money.


To Conclude

The art world has been around for thousands of years. For centuries, artists have been creating pieces of art that are meant to be appreciated as a work of beauty and significance. However, in recent years, the art world has seen an influx of new digital assets traded on the Blockchain.


Artists can now sell their works digitally through an NFT (non-fungible token) on the Blockchain, a digital asset that cannot be copied or replicated. This allows them to reach a wider audience without having to worry about whether their work will be stolen or not.


NFTs allow artists to share their work with more people than ever before and generate revenue from it too! That is why artists and celebrities use their public image to promote NFTs, which can ultimately help people get more for their artistic work.

What are the reasons celebrities have started investing in beverage and food companies?

The reason why celebrities have started investing in all food and beverage companies is that they have money to spare and want to try out different businesses, but these reasons may not be true for all celebrities. Celebrities have started investing in all food and beverage companies due to the fact that it is a fun and profitable way for them to make money. What do you think?


The food and beverage industry is one of the most profitable industries nowadays. Numerous celebrities have invested in these companies because they believe they can make a lot of money from them. Some celebrities even started investing in all food and beverage companies so they could maximize their profit to last for as long as possible.


Famous celebrities that have recently started investing in food and beverage companies

Celebrities like Zac Efron, Kris Janner, Halle Berry and alike have a lot of money and have started investing in different kinds of beverages and salad chains. They can sell products or services to their loyal following. But that is not the reason why celebrities are investing in all food and beverage companies. It seems that the celebrity investor trend is more than just an investment opportunity.


Zac Efron a famous actor, has just been announced as the first chief brand officer of Kodiak. This company is famous for its whole grain products. The same trend is followed by Kris Jenner, who has just invested in Health Nuts Restaurants.


It is also a lifestyle choice. Many celebrities enjoy dining out, travelling and spending time on their boats, so they may be attracted to owning a seafood company, winery or brewery. A few celebrities are simply looking for new ways to make their millions grow, and some are just good at playing the stock market, so they start having fun with their spare cash by investing in food & beverage companies.


Reasons celebrities started investing in food and beverage companies?

There are a number of reasons why celebrities have started to invest in many food and beverage companies. Some of these reasons include: To invest in their own health, protecting their family’s health, investing based on trends, or simply because they like the product.


These investments represent their passion for business, as well as their desire to have a positive impact on society. Celebrity investors include actors and singers like Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jay Z, among others, who are the top celebrities that have taken this initiative, and this trend is becoming famous with time.

Kim Kardashian will be the new ‘Chief Taste Consultant’ for Beyond Meat.

Shares of the alternative meat producer increased by up to 7%.Kim Kardashian is infamous for being picky about her business relationships.


Beyond Meat Inc. has hired celebrity and influencer Kim Kardashian as its “chief taste consultant,” giving the plant-based burger maker a powerful ally as it seeks to improve its performance.


Kardashian, who frequently posts photos of her well-stocked refrigerator on social media, has agreed to share her favorite Beyond Meat products in the company’s newsletter. She expressed her admiration for the company’s aim in an Instagram post. She stated that Beyond Meat’s goods assist “both humans and the earth” in a statement.


She will appear in a new commercial campaign for Beyond Meat. Her “impeccable taste in cuisine, fashion, beauty, and more” was noted by the firm.


Kardashian’s engagement might benefit the beleaguered alternative-meat company, which has failed to sustain its previous rate of growth in the face of increased competition and worries about the products’ attractiveness and healthfulness. Beyond Meat shares have fallen almost 80% in the last year and are now trading at a discount to what they were valued at in the company’s first public offering in 2019.


Beyond Meat shares slumped 5.3 percent in New York trade at 10:26 a.m., erasing an earlier rise.


The corporation has a key partner in Kardashian, who, together with her family members, is involved in multiple billion-dollar consumer companies. Skims, her underwear brand, was valued at $3.2 billion earlier this year. Her endorsement may propel a product to popularity on its own, and her power extends far beyond the clothes and cosmetics sectors.


Her ability to enhance a company’s visibility will be beneficial to Beyond Meat, which is attempting to control a pricey manufacturing process for its new jerky product and dwindling customer interest in its goods. Beyond Meat reported its most recent profits, stating that its jerky increased retail sales while other items decreased.


Beyond Meat ambassadors include Kevin Hart, Shay Mitchell, Snoop Dogg, and Liza Koshy.


With the assistance of Kim Bhasin.

Celebrity investors that are obsessed with fintech



Jay-Z was disclosed earlier this month as one of the people behind a multi-million dollar investment in credit-building fintechAltro. But he is far from the first celebrity to have invested in fintech.


Here are five of the most influential – and unexpected – celebrity fintech investors of the last decade…



Beyonce’s husband got his income in the music industry, but he became a billionaire through a series of wise investments.


Marcy Venture Partners (MVP) was founded in 2019 with the goal of investing in “new enterprises and mass-market brands…with an emphasis on positive effect such asaccessibility, inclusivity, sustainability, empowerment, and health and wellbeing.”


Starting a credit-building business Altro obviously met the requirement, raising a total of $18 million (£14.42 million) in a Series A investment round led by MVP.


Andy Murray

Since joining the advisory board of crowdfunding company Seedrs in 2015, the tennis star has been an enthusiastic lover of finance.


He has also been a regular investor in Landbay, a property financing platform (and former peer-to-peer lender), as well as Revolut and Investly, among other fintech businesses.


Baroness MichelleMone

Back in 2018, the lingerie mogul and gossip rag fixture announced the launch of her own crypto-backed P2P business. Baroness Mone even recruited Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to join the Equi platform.


However, no further announcements have been made four years later, and Companies House papers indicate that at least one of the firms established at the same time has been dissolved and another is facing a strike-off action.



A$AP Rocky was named CEO of finance behemoth Klarna for one day only last year. He was then revealed to be an investor in the company and has since participated in a number of Klarna advertising ads.


The pioneer of buy-now, pay-later has received a number of celebrity endorsements, including Snoop Dogg and Tan France endorsing the business throughout the years.


Kim Kardashian

Kim K is one of several social influencers and celebrities who have been smacked on the knuckles by the SEC for encouraging bitcoin investments without adequately communicating the hazards. Kardashian, along with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and basketball star Paul Pierce, were paid to promote the Ethereum Max cryptocurrency.


Investors have now filed a lawsuit against the three for “misleadingly advertising and selling” the coin.


Celebrity crypto endorsements have grown so frequent that the Financial Conduct Authority has pointed to Kardashian’s promos as an example of what not to do, vowing to crack down on the practise.

Why Robert Downey Jr. Believes Vegan Meat Can Save the Planet

With his latest charity endeavour focused at helping rescue our world, Robert Downey Jr. is channelling his Iron Man character Tony Stark. Downey Jr. has recently invested in Motif Foodworks, a food tech firm seeking to promote food system sustainability. The actor will assist bring Motif to the top of the alternative protein business through his investment venture FootPrint Coalition Venture (FPCV).


HEMAMI is a heme-binding myoglobin protein produced by Motif Foodworks. Using only plant-based components, the company’s patented technology precisely duplicates the texture, fragrance, and taste of traditional animal meat. The objective of the food tech startup is to create a plant-based beef replacement that will appeal to all customers, eventually promoting acomprehensive sustainable food system.


The Boston-based firm is the creator of APPEXTEX, a unique technology that mimics the flavor and the texture of traditional animal products. This technique produces a novel meat replacement that aims to appeal to meat consumers all around the world. The heme creates a “bleeding” plant-based flesh that resembles regular meat products,and it is the best famous for its application in Impossible Foods products.


“If plant-based meals are to have a genuine influence on sustainability, we need a strategy that is both delicious and healthy,” Downey Jr. said in a statement. “By emphasizing both better-tasting and healthier alternatives, Motif is not only making a difference in goods now, but also reinventing the future of plant-based meals for tomorrow.”


Motif Enters the Alternative Protein Market

Downey Jr.’s recently invested in the heels of Motif’s successful Series B fundraising round last year. The business received a $226 million investment package that would be used to improve signature technology and increase distribution capacities. The business intends to launch three plant-based beef products in the United States to foodservice providers, retailers, and distributors.


Motif FoodWorks CEO Jonathan McIntyre in a statementsaid that “Whether on a shop shelf or a menu, we’re focused on making our customers’ plant-based meals so appealing that consumers demand them”. “We couldn’t be happier to have Robert [Downey Jr.] and FootPrint Coalition on board as investors and partners in our efforts to build the sector.”


Motif MoBeef Plant-Based Ground, Motif MoPork, and Motif MoBeef Plant-Based Burger Patties are among the three items. The burgers will be the only product available until the business releases the ground beef and pork options later this year. Motif has announced intentions to launch its Motif MoChicken next year, entering the fast-growing plant-based chicken business.


At the Flavor Foray’s Championship BBQ and Cook-Off at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago,Motif will debut these unique plant-based goods with the guidance of Chef Chloe Coscarelli. During the tournament on May 22, Coscarelli will cook with Motif meat products.


McIntyre added,”OurMotif MoPork, Motif MoChicken, and Motif MoBeef alternatives, chefs, retailers, and distributors can give the very finest plant-based experience, with umami, delectable taste, and a meaty bite that customers have been asking for from category goods”.


Robert Downey Jr.’s Vegan Investments

Robert Downey Jr. has made significant investments in the plant-based world. Aside from Motif, the prominent celebrity has a great investment in a vegan cheese startup that produces dairy-identical cheese from soybeans. Nobell Foods received $75 million in funding from FPCV, bringing the company’s total worth to $100 million. To give its plant-based cheese a creamy, cheesy feel, the company’s revolutionary product employs a patented method that harvests proteins from soybeans to duplicate dairy caseins.


In the start of 2021, Downey Jr. invested in MyForest Foods, a vegan bacon startup (previously known as Atlast Food). MyForest Food was able to extend its manufacturing capacities and distribution area thanks to a $40 million funding round. With the support of this financial package, the firm, famed for its mushroom-based bacon, intends to construct the largest mycelium production plant in the United States.

The restaurant ownership is the top new celebrity accessory

Celebrities from Channing Tatum to Eminem have become attracted towards the owning of restaurants to add in their resumes for several reasons.


In his song, Jimmy Buffet sang “I wish lunch would last forever”, and in Cheeseburger in Paradise, he sang “I like mine with lettuce and tomato Heinz 57 and french-fried potato big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer Good God Almighty! Which way do I steer?”


All of these lines of the songs sung by Jimmy Buffet, he even did not know until his 30s that his sad melody of “Margirtaville” where he used to face most of his hard times will become a billion dollars hospitality chain for the celebrity. Now under the banner of “Margaritaville”, there are numerous restaurants, casinos, retail locations, and cruises are running all around the world making millions and billions of dollars every year.


According to Variety, this chain made $1.5 billion to $2 billion until the year 2019. As per this study, the Buffet has become one of the top 57 Forbes celebrities that are now known for the highest paid celebrities.


Celebrities have been getting into the hospitality business for a while now. Buffet started it all in the late ’80s, when he opened the first Margaritaville in Key West, Florida. A few years later, Robert De Niro got NobuMatsuhisa to open a New York City restaurant. It took a few years, but the first Nobu finally opened in Tribeca in 1994.


While Buffett is one of the most well-known musicians who turned to hospitality, he’s not the only celebrity to do so. In the late ’80s, a few years after Buffett opened the first Margaritaville in Key West, Florida, Robert De Niro was pitching Nobu, a restaurant that’s become a celebrity hotspot, to chef NobuMatsuhisa in New York City. It took several years for De Niro to convince the chef that a New York restaurant was worth the risk.


Until recently, celebrities expanding beyond the industry that made them famous was uncommon. Such moves were mostly reserved for the best of the best, like De Niro, Dolly Parton, or Michael Jordan. But now it’s 2022, things are different, and everyone needs a side hustle: Seth Rogen is selling bongs! LeBron James tried to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday!” Beyoncé not only has the clothing line Ivy Park, but also co-owns trainer Marco Borges’s.


But what does it actually mean when a celebrity puts their name on a restaurant? There are many answers, but one thing is for sure – you won’t see Luke Bryan rolling up his sleeves in his restaurant’s kitchen or Dierks Bentley leading customers to their table at Whiskey Row. However, many of these celebrities at least claim to be steering their establishments: A representative for Lambert tells Eater that Lambert had “been thinking about a concept bar/restaurant for a while, so it was a natural extension of her brand”.


Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line says that the group has been considering opening a restaurant for a while. He told People, “It was something [Brian Kelley] and I always thought would be neat, whether it was a bar or a restaurant — we’ve talked about opening a coffee shop before. We have a knack for food and beverage; taking care of our friends and our people.” (FGL also has a knack for monetization: After singing about Fireball whiskey in their song “Round Here,”)


There’s no doubt that having a restaurant with your name or personalized branding is appealing for celebrities wanting exposure and to give their fans conditional access to their personalities through the dining experience. However, a different type of celebrity restaurateur is the somewhat silent investor, in it solely for the love of food or a certain chef or, most sincere of all, the expansion of their business portfolios with new revenue streams. That kind of love, though, comes with limits.


A catering opportunity in Hollywood led AbdessamadBenameur’s dishes to be served next to many famous celebrities, including a then-rising star, Ryan Gosling. A few empty plates later, Ryan inquired about the caterer insisting it was “food he would eat everyday for the rest of his life.” The two became instant friends and after some time talking, they agreed there was something missing in L.A-the kind of place that made you feel warm and satisfied; a place where the food is made with love.


Later, it was unable to find Tagine and the rep of Gosling told that Gosling is no more a part of this restaurant and did not take the follow-up questions. The reason of his exile also remained unknown.


When contacted for this story, the representatives from Mom’s Spaghetti were less than forthcoming. The restaurant, which is supposedly owned by Eminem and his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg, first opened as a pop-up and then as a permanent brick-and-mortar. However, when I reached out to Union Joints for clarification on Eminem’s role in the business, I was told by Catallo that “Mom’s [Spaghetti] doesn’t fall into that celebrity-owned concept category!”


It could come down to semantics, but there is a clear distinction between partnership and ownership in the case of Mom’s Spaghetti. Rosenberg and Eminem have demonstrated some ownership over Mom’s Spaghetti, with Rosenberg once stating, “We’ve had a lot of fun putting this project together with the folks at Union Joints, and the response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive.” The rapper, meanwhile, appeared at the grand opening, promoted it with TV spot, and had a Mom’s Spaghetti.


It’s no secret that celebrities often own restaurants. What’s less known is how these restaurants are often connected to the celebrities’ businesses in other ways. Obscuring such business dealings is probably by design, as it benefits both the restaurant groups and the celebrities’ entities: The famous person gets to expand their brand, and the restaurant benefits from the publicity that celebrity naturally draws in. If the restaurant is a success, the celebrity can take some credit. If it fails, they can, if they so choose, deny any involvement in the operations of the restaurant and go on.


As with any other type of restaurant, many celebrity-owned concepts fail. Jessica Biel’s Au Fudge, a child-friendly dining concept in West Hollywood, only lasted a year before closing. Drake’s luxury sports bar Pick 6ix, in his hometown of Toronto, had a similarly short life span, opening in February 2018 and closing in November 2019 with the landlord claiming the business owed $67,000 in back rent. (Pick 6ix blamed the building’s ongoing flooding.) Kid Rock’s made in Detroit announced to be closed until 2019.


Sadly, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to enter the restaurant business with nothing more than good press and money on their mind. In 2020, rapper Killer Mike announced his plans to save Atlanta’s Bankhead Seafood, a community institution that was closing after 50 years. Unfortunately, the restaurant only stayed open for a few months.


Celebrity restaurateurs stars are just like the rest of us: they have a variety of reasons for starting restaurants. Some are food lovers or community-builders, while others want to make money or bolster their egos. The rise of ghost kitchens has made it easier than ever for celebrities to have their name on a restaurant without having to be involved in the day-to-day operations.


Most business deals are secretive in order to keep the average person from understanding how money is moved around among the wealthy. We don’t need to see how much our favorite celebrities get paid for doing little to no work. It’s more interesting to know why consumers are drawn to celebrity-concept dining experiences. When you eat at a restaurant with a celebrity’s name attached, you feel like you’re connected to that person. A fan of Slim Shady can show their fandom by buying hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from the Mom’s Spaghetti gift shop. For Jimmy Buffet fans, it’s the allure of the free-spirited lifestyle that leads them to Margaritaville’s seemingly endless shores.


Most people will never get the chance to have a meal with a celebrity, so they instead visit celebrity restaurants. These restaurants come and go, but being powerfully attractive towards the people with using the restaurant business strategy remains an eternally safe investment.

Leonardo DiCaprio Setting Example for Others to Invest In Sustainable Businesses

The Academy Award-winner is investing in eco-friendly businesses, and others are following his footsteps.


There is a blurry line between actors, athletes, musicians, celebrities, and venture capitalists. The reason? They are taking investing more seriously and becoming more interested in the business. In recent years, many celebrities have been getting involved in VC, and it is becoming more accepted by the star fellows.


More attention is being paid to VC and investment. One of the celebrities making waves in this area is Ashton Kutcher. He and Jay-Z are the most active celebrity investors in the world. Even both of them have started their own firms. Besides that, Nas and Katy Perry have shaken the tech startups with their investment. Meanwhile, the 23 times grand slam winner Serena Williams has started a firm to uplift women and BIPOC-owned businesses.


However, DiCaprio is setting the example for others on how their investment and venture capital can save the planet.
Let’s see how he has impacted others!


What Role Did Leonardo Play In Making Sustainable Investment Cooler Than Ever?

DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the most famous people on this planet. He has gained such fame from the roles he played in his films. Every film of him gets much appreciation from the viewers and critics. This multi-talented actor has won the hearts of many with his skills. However, his recent movie “Don’t Look Up” has caught the attention of many. Now people are talking about his love for the planet and concerns about climate change.


He has also emerged as an environmental activist in recent years. He has been a strong advocate for sustainable investing, an investment strategy that considers environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. DiCaprio believes that this type of financing can help to mitigate climate change.


Furthermore, he has created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. This foundation is launched to protect the environment. His meeting with former Vice President Al Gore was the first time he took an interest in climate change and the environment.


Referring to the meeting, he said that Gore had drawn a picture of the planet and said, “this is the most important crisis facing humanity”. It ignited the fire in me. That is when I became interested in the issue and concerned about why we haven’t taken steps to resolve it.


Till now, his foundation has raised a massive sum of money which is surprisingly more than $100 million. This money has been used for various causes, including helping people restore carbon-storing mangroves in different counties like Somalia, Kenya, and Mexico and supporting Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In addition, his foundation has also helped build community gardens in underdeveloped and low-income areas of Los Angeles, supported Fiji to bring clean electricity, and aided a non-profit law firm to represent young environmentalists who are fighting climate change.


In addition to his foundation, he has also used his wealth to help startups like Mobli, a photo-sharing app. However, DiCaprio is not the first celebrity investor. According to multiple sources, 75 famous investors have supported the startups by providing them with $4.6 billion from 2007 to 2016.


Ashton Kutcher is one of the most famous and the most prominent celebrity investors. He has invested in multiple ventures and startups. Besides that, he co-founded a Venture Capital firm named A-Grade Investments in the United States. The other founders of this VC include Guy Oseary, Madonna’s talent manager and Ronald Burkle, the famous American Business Tycoon.


Kutcher hasn’t stopped here. In 2015, Oseary and Kutcher co-founded another firm, “Sound Ventures”. Nas has also been investing in tech businesses since 2007 to grow his wealth.


On the other hand, DiCaprio is being more interested in sustainability. He has been campaigning for the environment for a long time. He has even made a documentary about climate change. The actor is now starting to make conscious decisions about the production of his films and what he eats to reduce his carbon footprint.


His primary focus was sustainability, even years before ESG investing trend. Sustainable investing was important to the Titanic star years before it became popular on Wall Street.


After Mobli, he has shifted his focus to electrical vehicles. He had dreamt of it years before almost every carmaker started talking about the electrification of cars and other vehicles. He even became the brand ambassador, equity investor and advisor to an electric car making company Fisker Automotives. This brand was co-founded by German industrialist Bernhard Koehler and car designer Fisker in 2007.


The sustainability stars and environmentalists Al Gore and DiCaprio were some of the few people who have got their hands on Fisker’s debut electric vehicle, “the Karma”. It was an ultra-luxury vehicle with body paint featuring recycled glass and interior trim made by reclaimed wood.


After he started his investing career, DiCaprio believed that technology could be a solid instrument for advanced environmental innovation, whether it’s something as simple as a rubbish collection or assisting drivers in transitioning away from the usage of fossil fuels. So in 2015, he invested in Rubicon after Fisker. First, however, to assist other organizations in more sustainable garbage and recycling management, the Lexington, Kentucky-based software startup utilizes its app.


According to corporate statistics, the IT firm controlled 60,000 service locations at the time, but that figure has now expanded to 8 million across all 20 countries and 50 states. In addition, since 2012, it has been a Certified B Corp, a firm that has met rigorous environmental and social responsibility requirements.


The following year, DiCaprio invested in Diamond Foundry, a lab-grown diamond firm that had been in operation for three years. Lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds and are also known as “cultured” or “man-made” diamonds, but they are more humane and sustainable.


DiCaprio is from one of the renowned names sits on the boards of many sustainability-focused firms. In 2017, he was appointed to the Bluon Energy board of directors. Existing HVAC-R systems develop energy-efficient replacement refrigerants, which consume a lot of energy.


After one year, he joined the advisory board and invested in Kingo Energy. This Guatemala-based firm offers decentralized and clean solar energy to isolated, off-grid communities throughout the world.


The Stars Believe In Long-Term Investing

It stands to reason that DiCaprio has produced 13 feature-length environmental documentaries, containing last summer’s The Loneliest Whale; the 2016 National Geographic, Cowspiracy; the conversation-starting 2016 film about factory farming and the environment. Also, before the flood, DiCaprio-narrated a film about Netflix’s BAFTA and Peabody Award-winning documentary about protecting endangered mountain gorillas from poachers and extinction and scientists discussing climate change solutions. Almost all of DiCaprio’s documentaries deal with repercussions, remedies, climate change, origins, and problems on a local and global scale.


DiCaprio’s track record in investing is honorable, considering the organizations he supports, but also market smart. After his success in EVs and solar, DiCaprio delved into the plant-based food business ahead of each industry’s separate surge.


Before the company began collaborating with a slew of celebrity and athlete investors like Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Honnold, Derrick and Charity Morgan, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and others including snack and food industry titans like McDonald’s and PepsiCo in 2017, The Wolf of Wall Street star invested in Beyond Meat.


Last year, DiCaprio joined a Chilean food-tech firm founded by Lewis Hamilton as an advisory board at Perfect Day. He became an investor and advisor in the cultured beef startups Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat. His portfolio also includes Califia Farms, which makes plant milk and Hippeas, a snack business that offers vegan Cheez Doodles-style puffs produced from pea protein.


In his Mosa Meat investment, he stated, “Reshaping our global food system fundamentally is one of the most significant approaches to fight the climate catastrophe.” In the past, the actor has advocated for eating less meat for environmental reasons.


Did Dicaprio’s Unwavering Commitment To Environmental Stewardship Have An Impact On Others?

Celebrities have started favoring scrappy startups over Fortune 500s in recent years. Meticulously, they want to make money in a more environmentally responsible way. Even money has the potential to be more ecologically friendly, and DiCaprio saw this tendency as well. He is a shareholder in Aspiration, a sustainable banking service that does not lend to the fossil fuel sector. Drake, Robert Downey Jr. and Orlando Bloom quickly follow this trend.


Celebrities are now leading discussions about sustainability and promoting their power investments. There are many high-profile eco investors, Serena Williams, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Trevor Noah, Jaden Smith, assisting sustainable brands such as Impossible Foods, Cloud Paper (a bamboo toilet paper startup), Oatly, Pela (which manufactures compostable tech accessories), Simulate (a vegan chicken brand), to grow. Although, in many situations, set a new sustainability standard for businesses all around.


Governments fail to reach climate objectives because climate change becomes a more significant concern to humanity and the natural world, and measures are weakened or postponed to placate conservative politicians. Another piece of the jigsaw that might help reduce the oncoming repercussions of human-caused global warming is VC. DiCaprio used his money to invest in fast-growing industries like alternative protein and renewable energy and may shift the scales in favor of climate-friendly solutions.


NFTs: A New Investment Opportunity for Celebrities

How many celebrities you know have invested in different ventures? If you think you know all of them, you are absolutely wrong. For example, you would be amazed by knowing that the Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden had once invested in a frozen yogurt shop. Celebrities and athletes earn a massive sum of money, which they invest in different things like property, tech, food and hotels.


However, in 2022, NFTs and Crypto have caught their attention, and now many celebrities have found a new investment opportunity. They started putting their money into non-fungible tokens. Ordinary people know it just as NFTs, but it is an opportunity for investors to make more money.


NFTs are like love; no one can see them as they are not physical, but people don’t even deny their existence. NFTs, on the other hand, has a measurable value that goes up and down with time. The more people know about them, the more they will be encouraged to buy them, ultimately increasing their worth. That’s why many Hollywood celebs talk about them off and on.


People need to know how they can purchase an NFT. Once they learn about it, they can easily guide others about it. However, guidance on the mass level seems impossible. That is where the celebs can help!


They will not only tell you how to purchase an NFT but will also help you know which NFT you should purchase. In addition, you will hear from them that Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFTs are the hottest ones right now. Investing in these will help you get access to an exclusive club, and you can also enjoy a lot of perks.


Have you started thinking about the perks? There they are!


If you buy at least one ape from the BAYC, you will get access to the warehouse parties. You can go to the BAYC’s digital bathroom and draw a pixel on the toilet (that is also digital). You can do it once in fifteen minutes as it refreshes after that. If you stay calm and patient, you can even draw a dick there.


Celebrities want you to know that you will win a lot if you do what they say. Like Matt Damon’s ad suggests that if you don’t act now, you will lose your seat on the spaceship to Mars. It seems that he is a little mad at those who haven’t joined the party. Gwyneth Paltrow’s approach is a bit positive towards this. She badly wants people to join as she is offering free money for it. That’s pretty impressive!


The athletes and starts dictate our financial and many other decisions, so they are using their status to influence us. Although they have their personal interest in it, they are not wrong this time. We should pay attention to their financial and investment advice.
Here are some celebrities who are in love with the NFTs concept.


Lindsay Lohan

The famous American actress and singer was one of the first celebrities interested in NFTs. She even released an NFT song, “Lullaby”, in 2021. Furthermore, she also collaborated with Canine Cartel to render her furry persona. But unfortunately, that didn’t go well, as the furry community tried to cancel her.


She didn’t stop here. She dedicated a whole interview to share the basic steps to get rich with NFTs. The first step she suggested was to “choose your NFT.”
She is an entrepreneur; at least you should listen to her.


Shaquille O’Neal

In the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, he purchased a membership similar to the L.A. Soho House. He also started his own NFTs, which tie back to his Shaq Gives Back Foundation.



She published a series of her own NFTs in March 2021, generally short movies set to Grimes’ music. One of them has lost 84 per cent of its value by December 2021.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Back in June 2021, she began tweeting about bitcoin to her 2.7 million followers. She then partnered with Cash App uploaded a hostage-like photo of herself handing out free bitcoin to users who tweeted at her with the appropriate hashtag. This campaign, which appears to have been driven by a marketing team in an alcohol-induced coma, had the declared goal of making cryptocurrency less “exclusionary.” Paltrow just announced the purchase of a BAYC NFT.


Reese Witherspoon’s


Witherspoon is a perfectionist. This is why she constantly threatens and instructs her 2.9 million followers to open wallets. She feels that if women do not become engaged now, they will be left behind and memorably question all of us. She once attended a BAYC and Adidas Twitter Space.


Justin Bieber

Over its projected presale value, he recently paid 300 per cent more for a BAYC NFT. You could be turned on by the fact that he appears to be bad with money at first, but don’t get too excited. He also has his brand of NFTs, which he is developing in collaboration with InBetweeners. After his hot, hot, hot BAYC ape No. 3001 purchase, his NFTs increase.


Kevin Hart


BAYC No. 9258 was recently acquired for about $200,000. No. 9258 has a playful spinning hat perfect for a comic. He just reposted a statement that he had purchased one. He’s preoccupied with Fabletics.


Liam Payne


He is so interested in NFTs that he tweeted to his 34.7 million followers that they should follow a different account he formed to talk about them completely. He announces drops of NFTs in which he is “engaged” and encourages others to visit various Spaces on his other account.


Paris Hilton


To tout NFTs and her “passion of being an entrepreneur.” She has seen on CNBC’s Closing Bell several times. At the NFT Awards, her first NFT was named Best Charity NFT in March 2020. She adores cryptocurrency and believes it is unquestionably the future. She is the owner of Bored Ape No. 1294.


Serena Williams


It is on the Sorare board, equivalent to Samantha Jones’s pool being a fantasy-soccer league. Alexis Ohanian, Williams’ husband, recently presented her with BAYC NFT No. 5797. This one is unusual since it is pink and has sad eyes. Ohanian has stated that from now on, he will solely be giving her NFTs.


Lily Allen


Not an NFT adopter, but caution to all celebrities who refuse to participate in crypto. To do a Second Life performance, she turned down an offer in return for 200,000 bitcoin in 2014. She would have become a millionaire if she had accepted.


Snoop Dogg Has Earned Money Over the Years With Other Business Ventures Outside of Music

For three decades, Snoop Dogg has been an imminent presence in music. The rapper has had an impact well beyond the realm of music since his first debut, the “Drop It like It’s Hot”.
From the West Coast Hip-Hop era of the 1990s, Snoop Dogg is one of the most renowned performers to emerge. In the United States alone, Snoop Dogg has sold more than 23 million records and more than 37 million albums globally. Additionally, he has one gold album and at least seven platinum records to his credit.

The musical career of Snoop Dogg

At the start of the 1990s, Snoop Dogg debuted as a solo artist. On his first album, Doggystyle, he collaborated with Dr Dre, a fellow Southern California native. When the West Coast was eager to recapture its throne, and the East Coast rappers ruled rap, the success of hits like “Gin and Juice” put him on the map at a period.
Over the following two decades, Snoop worked tirelessly to cement his place in hip-hop history. In the 1990s, he released Da Game Is to Be Sold, No Limit Top Dogg, Tha Doggfather, and Not to Be Told. With the masterpiece albums like Paid tha Cost to Be Da Bo$$, R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) and the Tha Last Meal, his career extended into the new century. Snoop got his first No. 1 success of his career in 2004 with “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” a Pharrell Williams collaboration that served as the album’s first single from R&G.
Since the beginning of the century, Snoop has released a new album every year or two. From tha Streets 2 tha Suites was released in 2021 is his most recent album.


Film and Television

Snoop Dogg has a long list of film and television credits, according to his IMDb website. “Mac and Devlin Go to High School” and “The Wash” are two of his most successful parts. Recently, he was seen the most in “BMF,” and he’s said to be filming Season three of the blockbuster Star Wars series, “The Mandalorian”.


Snoopify App

Snoop Dogg (also known as Snoop Lion at the time) created Snoopify, a photo-sharing app, in 2013. The app is still accessible, launched in collaboration with The Cashmere Agency and Neon Roots.


Snoop Dogg’s estimated net worth in 2022

Snoop has made money as a record executive in accumulation to being a successful performer. He has been the creator and CEO of his firm, Doggystyle Records, since his debut album. Snoopadelic Films is his own production firm.

To monetize his brand outside of music, Snoop has naturally discovered other methods. Consequently, over the last three decades, the rapper’s net worth has increased significantly. The estimated net worth of Tha Doggfather’s is $150 million, according to WealthyGorilla.


Investment in Reddit

According to Newsweek, Snoop Dogg made waves in 2014 when he invested in Reddit. All three Snoop, Peter Thiel, and Jared Leto invested more than $50 million in the site. According to The Verge, Reddit was valued at more than $10 billion as of August 2021, so it’s easy to say that Snoop’s investment in “the first page of the Internet” was a sensible one.


Various Marijuana Ventures

The cannabis sector accounts for the majority of Snoop Dogg’s non-music and entertainment endeavours.

Leafs by Snoop was one of his earliest investments in his own cannabis brand, which he launched in November 2015. He told Variety that his investment in his own cannabis brand was foresightful because it occurred before legalization was a “thing” (Naturally, his business exploded after California and other states began legalizing pot).

The same year, he invested in Eaze, a cannabis delivery firm located in California. Indubitably, the business move came as no surprise, as someone synonymous with marijuana, and other celebrities, like Willie Nelson, have since followed suit. Jay-Z introduced Monogram, his own cannabis label, in 2021. To brand and advertise a range of legal marijuana products with the debut of Leafs, Snoop became the first big celebrity.

Casa Verde Capital, the investment business formed by Snoop Dogg, concluded its second round of fundraising for $100 million in December 2020, according to AfroTech.

According to MSNBC, Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies, a medicinal cannabis firm backed by Snoop Dogg, will begin trading on the London Stock Exchange in May 2021.



Snoop Dogg and Merry Jane co-founded the Gangsta Gaming League, an esports gaming league, in March 2019. According to PC Gamer, the inaugural team consisted of Snoop Dogg’s closest gamer friends: Red Grant, Tripo Loc, JC, Shelton, Red Woods, Lala, Waniac, and Young Sagg. They competed for the title of “Top Dogg” as well as a share of the $11,000 prize pool. To this day, the Merry Jane Facebook page provides occasional updates on the Gangsta Gaming League.

Snoop Dogg’s business dealings with Martha Stewart, among other things

Snoop Dogg ventured further into the media field in the 2000s, even directing a pornographic film dubbed Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. In the recent years of his career, he’s demonstrated that he’s much more than just someone who knows the entertainment world inside and out.

Snoop Dogg also stepped into the video game industry in 2019, launching the Gangsta Gaming League, his own esports league. He’s hardly the first celebrity to experiment in esports. In the booming esports business, Drake, The Weeknd, and Jennifer Lopez have all made investments.

Meticulously, no one can forget his Martha Stewart-hosted VH1 programme, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party? There were three seasons in which the show aired and even motivated a recipe, but due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, it hasn’t been shown on the TV.

Things You Should Know About Celebrity NFT Holders

In the last year, the crypto space has been paced up with the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Numbers of people are eagerly looking to find a way to get the next NFT collection that has value, just like the Board Ape Yacht Club NFT. As a result, a huge market hype has been created, which also attracted well-known public figures, artists, celebrities, and leaders around the world to grab places in this market. The celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, NBA players like Rudy Gobert are buzzing towards this NFT market for investment. Let’s have a look at some of the basics of the NFT that celebrities are using for the investment in Non-Fungible Tokens.


NFTs: Quick Crash Course:

When something cannot be changed, replicated, or altered, it is known as Non-fungible. As far as the token is concerned, it is a series of codes on the network of Blockchain that support smart contracts such as Solana, Ethereum, Tezos, or any other. They are built by the developers on top of them. In simple words, a Non-fungible token is a type of asset that is attached to a series of codes. Once it is cast on the Blockchain, it cannot be changed, replicated, or altered.

NFTs can be related to anything in the world that you think of, such as any artwork of a digital world or real-world thing; digital NFT can be attached to anything. Even if you want to sell something online, such as selling your motorbike online, it can be NFT as well.


Celebrity NFT Investment: Attractive NFT Projects for Celebrities:

When you talk about the projects in which the NFTs can be invested, you can find Celebrity investors all over the market and in every project. For example, if we talk about sports stars, they are mostly investing in projects that are related to sports. On the other hand, celebrities like Paris Hilton are investing hugely in Metaverse NFTs, such as the Metaverse project that was launched in the third quarter of 2021. So, here is a list of some well-known celebrities that are heavily investing NFTs in their related projects so that you can keep an eye on your favourite ones and on what projects they are interested in for the future.



At the start of 2021, the NFT collection was launched by Grimes, and for some time, she was also supporting the vocal NFT. Her first collection was called WarNymph, and it generated revenue of more than $6 million.


Paris Hilton:

Within the NFT space of vocal celebrities, Paris Hilton is a very well-known name. At first, she was a socialist, then she moved her career to entrepreneurship and took a heavy investment in NFTs. She has spread awareness in many ways when she goes to different TV shows. According to her, NFTs are the future of the economy. As far as her personal collections are concerned, it includes several Metaverse projects, different digital artists, and she even has her own charity NFT which won the award in 2021.


Rudy Gobert:

Rudy Gobert is an NBA player on Utah Jazz Team, and he has been a part of the vocal NFT space for a long time. In November 2021, Goober bought a Board Ape, which he sold later.


Marc Andreessen:

Marc Andreessen is a hugely vocal supporter of Blockchain and NFT spaces. He is also one of the founders of the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm. In his firm, he has dedicated a complete department only for this purpose which is to do investment in the space. As a result, in recent times, he has backed some of the biggest NFT projects with the help of Cameron and Tyler, The Winklevoss Twins.


Mark Cuban:

Mark Cuban is a Billionaire and a giant on NFT and crypto spaces because he has both big investments in NFT companies and owns NFTs.


Snoop Dogg:

In 2021, well-known rapper Snoop Dogg launched his own NFT with the name of “A Journey with the Dogg.” Moreover, it is rumoured that he has his own Bored Ape.


Melania Trump:

After leaving the president’s office in 2021, Melania and her team are focusing on purchasing the NFTs. When she first invested in the NFTs in late 2021, it was only for raising money for charity. Now, she has been raising her voice for the potential that space has.


Tony Hawk:

Tony Hawk is a celebrity skateboarder that got himself into NFT in 2021. He made a video of himself doing tricks on skateboards and auctioned that video.



In late 2021, DJ Wuki launched his own NFT Collection. He is also heavily investing in the other NFT projects, which you can learn from him by following his Twitter account.


Shawn Mendes:

Shawn Mendes is a very famous Musician, and he is now taking an interest in NFTs. Recently, he sold a series on his digital wearables with Genies on OpenSea. As a result, He earned $500,000.


Jack Dorsey:

Former CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has stepped into the world of NFTs in early 2021. He was in the news after he auctioned his first tweet as an NFT. Jack has been very vocal since then about the advancements that Blockchain can bring in the world of technology.



In 2021, Eminem released his first NFT Collection as a digital festival. The owners of the ShadyCon NFTs had special access to the content that Eminem had created.