NFTs: A New Investment Opportunity for Celebrities

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How many celebrities you know have invested in different ventures? If you think you know all of them, you are absolutely wrong. For example, you would be amazed by knowing that the Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden had once invested in a frozen yogurt shop. Celebrities and athletes earn a massive sum of money, which they invest in different things like property, tech, food and hotels.


However, in 2022, NFTs and Crypto have caught their attention, and now many celebrities have found a new investment opportunity. They started putting their money into non-fungible tokens. Ordinary people know it just as NFTs, but it is an opportunity for investors to make more money.


NFTs are like love; no one can see them as they are not physical, but people don’t even deny their existence. NFTs, on the other hand, has a measurable value that goes up and down with time. The more people know about them, the more they will be encouraged to buy them, ultimately increasing their worth. That’s why many Hollywood celebs talk about them off and on.


People need to know how they can purchase an NFT. Once they learn about it, they can easily guide others about it. However, guidance on the mass level seems impossible. That is where the celebs can help!


They will not only tell you how to purchase an NFT but will also help you know which NFT you should purchase. In addition, you will hear from them that Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFTs are the hottest ones right now. Investing in these will help you get access to an exclusive club, and you can also enjoy a lot of perks.


Have you started thinking about the perks? There they are!


If you buy at least one ape from the BAYC, you will get access to the warehouse parties. You can go to the BAYC’s digital bathroom and draw a pixel on the toilet (that is also digital). You can do it once in fifteen minutes as it refreshes after that. If you stay calm and patient, you can even draw a dick there.


Celebrities want you to know that you will win a lot if you do what they say. Like Matt Damon’s ad suggests that if you don’t act now, you will lose your seat on the spaceship to Mars. It seems that he is a little mad at those who haven’t joined the party. Gwyneth Paltrow’s approach is a bit positive towards this. She badly wants people to join as she is offering free money for it. That’s pretty impressive!


The athletes and starts dictate our financial and many other decisions, so they are using their status to influence us. Although they have their personal interest in it, they are not wrong this time. We should pay attention to their financial and investment advice.
Here are some celebrities who are in love with the NFTs concept.


Lindsay Lohan

The famous American actress and singer was one of the first celebrities interested in NFTs. She even released an NFT song, “Lullaby”, in 2021. Furthermore, she also collaborated with Canine Cartel to render her furry persona. But unfortunately, that didn’t go well, as the furry community tried to cancel her.


She didn’t stop here. She dedicated a whole interview to share the basic steps to get rich with NFTs. The first step she suggested was to “choose your NFT.”
She is an entrepreneur; at least you should listen to her.


Shaquille O’Neal

In the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, he purchased a membership similar to the L.A. Soho House. He also started his own NFTs, which tie back to his Shaq Gives Back Foundation.



She published a series of her own NFTs in March 2021, generally short movies set to Grimes’ music. One of them has lost 84 per cent of its value by December 2021.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Back in June 2021, she began tweeting about bitcoin to her 2.7 million followers. She then partnered with Cash App uploaded a hostage-like photo of herself handing out free bitcoin to users who tweeted at her with the appropriate hashtag. This campaign, which appears to have been driven by a marketing team in an alcohol-induced coma, had the declared goal of making cryptocurrency less “exclusionary.” Paltrow just announced the purchase of a BAYC NFT.


Reese Witherspoon’s


Witherspoon is a perfectionist. This is why she constantly threatens and instructs her 2.9 million followers to open wallets. She feels that if women do not become engaged now, they will be left behind and memorably question all of us. She once attended a BAYC and Adidas Twitter Space.


Justin Bieber

Over its projected presale value, he recently paid 300 per cent more for a BAYC NFT. You could be turned on by the fact that he appears to be bad with money at first, but don’t get too excited. He also has his brand of NFTs, which he is developing in collaboration with InBetweeners. After his hot, hot, hot BAYC ape No. 3001 purchase, his NFTs increase.


Kevin Hart


BAYC No. 9258 was recently acquired for about $200,000. No. 9258 has a playful spinning hat perfect for a comic. He just reposted a statement that he had purchased one. He’s preoccupied with Fabletics.


Liam Payne


He is so interested in NFTs that he tweeted to his 34.7 million followers that they should follow a different account he formed to talk about them completely. He announces drops of NFTs in which he is “engaged” and encourages others to visit various Spaces on his other account.


Paris Hilton


To tout NFTs and her “passion of being an entrepreneur.” She has seen on CNBC’s Closing Bell several times. At the NFT Awards, her first NFT was named Best Charity NFT in March 2020. She adores cryptocurrency and believes it is unquestionably the future. She is the owner of Bored Ape No. 1294.


Serena Williams


It is on the Sorare board, equivalent to Samantha Jones’s pool being a fantasy-soccer league. Alexis Ohanian, Williams’ husband, recently presented her with BAYC NFT No. 5797. This one is unusual since it is pink and has sad eyes. Ohanian has stated that from now on, he will solely be giving her NFTs.


Lily Allen


Not an NFT adopter, but caution to all celebrities who refuse to participate in crypto. To do a Second Life performance, she turned down an offer in return for 200,000 bitcoin in 2014. She would have become a millionaire if she had accepted.