We believe in passion, and use positive energy to drive successful collaborations in the entertainment, sports and tech space.

We offer bespoke consulting solutions in digital and consumer markets, including celebrity partnerships, influencer marketing, smart strategy creation & rapid business development.

We create products we believe in from people with passion, creativity and fresh thinking like Princetime merchandise, our cutting edge PT-Fashion brand and our covetable jewelery.

We create jaw dropping, immersive experiences for passionate people from pumping Hip-Hop parties to and Video Production and Artists.

We produce game changing digital products tailored for passionate users.

Let’s Build A Passionate Future Together

Passion + Entertainment = Passiontainment

Our Mission

We believe in Passion drive success

We believe in passion. We love passionate lives, passionate people and passionate brands, and above all, we love lighting the fire. Passiontainment bridges the gap between technology and entertainment & sports; enabling, collaborating and innovating. Our mission is to forge passionate partnerships that make hearts beat faster.

Our Values

We share three unchanging values

  • Trust

    We operate ethically. We never cold call influencers or companies we always maintain the highest levels of professionalism, and we build trust into every connection we create.

  • Transparency

    We’re open. Instead of secrecy and opacity, we put everything we do under the spotlight. It means our network is informed, accessible and has complete peace of mind.

  • Sharing

    We encourage cooperation . We foster an atmosphere where ideas are freely exchanged, and our partners can explore possibilities through sharing information and connections.

Team & Supporters

  • Michael Stephanblome
    Board Director
  • Jareiq ‘JQ’ Kabara
    A&R & Creative Director
  • Tomek Piotrowski
  • Berat Aslan
  • Katrin Thoß
  • John Dreßler
    Boozie & Shishapass
  • Edison Abba Cardes

let’s work on your passion

We create together with passionate people unique experiences.

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