Why Robert Downey Jr. Believes Vegan Meat Can Save the Planet

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With his latest charity endeavour focused at helping rescue our world, Robert Downey Jr. is channelling his Iron Man character Tony Stark. Downey Jr. has recently invested in Motif Foodworks, a food tech firm seeking to promote food system sustainability. The actor will assist bring Motif to the top of the alternative protein business through his investment venture FootPrint Coalition Venture (FPCV).


HEMAMI is a heme-binding myoglobin protein produced by Motif Foodworks. Using only plant-based components, the company’s patented technology precisely duplicates the texture, fragrance, and taste of traditional animal meat. The objective of the food tech startup is to create a plant-based beef replacement that will appeal to all customers, eventually promoting acomprehensive sustainable food system.


The Boston-based firm is the creator of APPEXTEX, a unique technology that mimics the flavor and the texture of traditional animal products. This technique produces a novel meat replacement that aims to appeal to meat consumers all around the world. The heme creates a “bleeding” plant-based flesh that resembles regular meat products,and it is the best famous for its application in Impossible Foods products.


“If plant-based meals are to have a genuine influence on sustainability, we need a strategy that is both delicious and healthy,” Downey Jr. said in a statement. “By emphasizing both better-tasting and healthier alternatives, Motif is not only making a difference in goods now, but also reinventing the future of plant-based meals for tomorrow.”


Motif Enters the Alternative Protein Market

Downey Jr.’s recently invested in the heels of Motif’s successful Series B fundraising round last year. The business received a $226 million investment package that would be used to improve signature technology and increase distribution capacities. The business intends to launch three plant-based beef products in the United States to foodservice providers, retailers, and distributors.


Motif FoodWorks CEO Jonathan McIntyre in a statementsaid that “Whether on a shop shelf or a menu, we’re focused on making our customers’ plant-based meals so appealing that consumers demand them”. “We couldn’t be happier to have Robert [Downey Jr.] and FootPrint Coalition on board as investors and partners in our efforts to build the sector.”


Motif MoBeef Plant-Based Ground, Motif MoPork, and Motif MoBeef Plant-Based Burger Patties are among the three items. The burgers will be the only product available until the business releases the ground beef and pork options later this year. Motif has announced intentions to launch its Motif MoChicken next year, entering the fast-growing plant-based chicken business.


At the Flavor Foray’s Championship BBQ and Cook-Off at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago,Motif will debut these unique plant-based goods with the guidance of Chef Chloe Coscarelli. During the tournament on May 22, Coscarelli will cook with Motif meat products.


McIntyre added,”OurMotif MoPork, Motif MoChicken, and Motif MoBeef alternatives, chefs, retailers, and distributors can give the very finest plant-based experience, with umami, delectable taste, and a meaty bite that customers have been asking for from category goods”.


Robert Downey Jr.’s Vegan Investments

Robert Downey Jr. has made significant investments in the plant-based world. Aside from Motif, the prominent celebrity has a great investment in a vegan cheese startup that produces dairy-identical cheese from soybeans. Nobell Foods received $75 million in funding from FPCV, bringing the company’s total worth to $100 million. To give its plant-based cheese a creamy, cheesy feel, the company’s revolutionary product employs a patented method that harvests proteins from soybeans to duplicate dairy caseins.


In the start of 2021, Downey Jr. invested in MyForest Foods, a vegan bacon startup (previously known as Atlast Food). MyForest Food was able to extend its manufacturing capacities and distribution area thanks to a $40 million funding round. With the support of this financial package, the firm, famed for its mushroom-based bacon, intends to construct the largest mycelium production plant in the United States.