About NFTainment

NFTainment is an all-in-one NFT consulting service that develops & markets Non-fungible-token (NFT) Entertainment Assets. We are here to help people move into the NFT space as well as licensing owners get the right partners for empowering the NFT potential and we can also help NFT platforms get in contact with our trusted network of licensing partners.

Some of the licence owners we are talking about are sports clubs, sports leagues, local celebrities (e.g. Artists, Athletes, Musicians, Movie creators). For the NFT platforms we are talking about Marketplaces where NFTs can be bought and sold, Games like Fanzone.io, Blockchains and Crypto Wallets where the actual NFT products can be stored on.

Let’s take a quick look at what are NFTs. It stands for Non Fungible Tokens, but that still doesn’t make sense. Well let’s break it down easier, NFTs are all about the uniqueness of something and in the most cases we see today its digital art. What is meant with uniqueness? When looking at currency for example, if you have one dollar and I exchange it for another one dollar, I still have one dollar nothing has changed when it came down to the actual dollar. Now in the case of the Mona Lisa, there is only one, even though you can copy the painting there will always be just one Mona Lisa. NFTs work the same way, you have a digital artist and he/she creates an art piece and sells it on a marketplace through the blockchain network. The tokens are like digital certificates of ownership and the data from the purchasing of the token is stored on the blockchain and the certificate is then kept in your ownership in your digital wallet.

All of this is giving digital artists the chance to make a name for themselves in a time when we are moving into a digital era and with currencies already moving into the digital realm why not art. But it’s not just art that can be classified as a NFT, it can be a clip from a movie, a part of a song or even a GIF with a part of a song included.

All in all it is a digital asset and when it comes down to the actual purchasing of the asset it’s in the eyes of the beholder, cause that what a normal investment or asset is as well. You buy something or invest in something you believe in and believe will have value in the long term.

Just a little information regarding blockchain. Think of the blockchain network as just a network of data and each block represents a piece of data from the specific digital asset.

What We Do

We believe that in this digital world no one should be left out in the opportunities that arise. We believe that building and helping people in this NFT space is a step in the right direction for everyone to understand what it’s all about, without you having to go through trial and error, we are here to guide you and at the end if we all support each other, everyone wins. No matter if you need a strategic overview of the market, or you want to start tapping into the NFT market, or need a technical solution for your mission, we can do it for you. With our founders and mentors combine years of experience to give you the best experience and service through this amazing market and for you to make the best choices when it comes to buying, creating, tokenizing or promoting NFT sales, we are for you.

Strategy Consulting

  • NFT/Blockchain introduction
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Investing Strategy
  • Market Overview


  • Access to a global network of License Owners
  • Network to the Entertainment, Sports and Art Industry
  • Identifying potential license partnerships
  • Negotiating License-NFT-Deals
  • Tokenizing NFT
  • Promoting NFT Sales


  • Defining NFT Assets
  • Setup NFT Store
  • Tokenizing NFT
  • Promoting NFT Sales


  • Developing Customized Solution
  • Leveraging Existing Technology Partners

Who We Are

We are a team with different backgrounds and skill sets, everything from sports and publishing all the way to marketing and music, but we all have the same common goal to bring you the best service in the NFT space and making your journey as easy as possible as you find your way in this wonderful industry with our help. Let’s take a closer look at the people of NFTainment:

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We create together with passionate people unique experiences.

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