Mega Stars Helped Airbnb to turn into luxury Brand – Find out who.

Big stars can never stay out of the news. With the help of different social media platforms, celebrities stay interconnected with their fans. As the world has become a global village, fans know about every second of their life.

Recently, Mariah Carey went to Malibu, California however, the thing that made headline was when her photo of staying at Airbnb was surfaced on Instagram.

The different headlines were TMZ (“Mariah Carey: I USED AIRBNB… For My Sick Malibu Rental”), Page Six (“Inside Mariah Carey’s $10K-a-night Airbnb rental”) and PopSugar (“Mariah Carey’s $10,000-a-Night Airbnb Is the Ultimate Fantasy,” along with a slideshow).

It was not just a big star was scrolling the app; it was the part of the celebrity marketing campaign. The company carried the test run, it was a huge success. Through this, company revenues were rapidly increased. Airbnb covered the cost for Carey’s stay. Carey was just the start of the campaign, now company successfully has a relationship with sixty-five celebrities, which include megastars like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé.

Celebrity Marketing Program was initiated by Airbnb even before when people do not know what influencer is. It was so successful that, their business went to its peak. Superstar advertising bonanza is the forerunner to come and assumes a vital role in setting up Airbnb as a high quality retreats now a key piece of the organization’s procedure as it tries to legitimize a $31 billion valuation and go public one year from now.

“The Mariah relationship has gotten legendary for Airbnb,” says Jonathan Mildenhall, who was Airbnb’s head advertising official at the time.

Airbnb declined to furnish information on its associations with famous people. “As a cordiality organization that grasps facilitating, we work with various VIPs and public celebrities and regularly take care of the check,” a representative wrote in a messaged proclamation.

Before an organization can get a star to utilize and support its items to a huge number of devotees, however, it needs to get a presentation. At the time, Airbnbdidn’t have the financial backing to experience the run of the mill guards. Ability organizations that may expedite a conventional sponsorship bargain were restrictively costly, Mildenhall says.

So Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s CEO, offered a whimsical thought. There was a person in Las Vegas who ran a dance club pressed with superstars, who were his companions; he facilitated their gatherings, and they may very well tune in to his suggestions about a house-rental application. “Proceed to look at this person,” Mildenhall reviews Chesky letting him know. “Check whether it’s bona fide.”

Chesky’s person was Jeff Beacher. His club, Beacher’s Madhouse, was the stuff of Las Vegas legend. Beacher himself was a nightlife organization, named at various occasions a “big name actor” by Rolling Stone, an “extraordinary pioneer” by Entrepreneur and a “beefy jokester sovereign” by the Las Vegas Weekly.

This was how Airbnb started its ways to Celebrity Branding. By this, We can now understand the significance of celebrity branding and marketing. Celebrity branding helps the company to grow its revenue.