More thrilling than mere management games, more challenging than sports bets – Football-Stars is putting football fans in the virtual coach seat! Divided into two fully functional modes – Challenge Mode and Manager Mode. While the Challenge Mode lets users face new challenges with their self-assembled teams on a daily basis, users of the Manager Mode get to manage their individual teams to fight for the title over the course of an entire season. Both modes are based on football player’s real-life performance data.

With STRYKZ we tokenize fantasy sports, starting with football and our own platform Football-Stars. Our vision is to bring sports fans all over the world as close to the real action as they can get.

We identified, approached and negotiated with potential strategic partner from the football-industry.

We did strategic partnership with Luís Figo:

Planned and executed marketing campaigns

Planned and executed Photo and Video shooting

Organized and executed Facebook Live-Video Chat:

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