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We provide an expanded, future proof range of services, revenue streams that captivate clients, and a massively reduced workload. We help attract and retain clients in an evolving marketplace.

When clients demand advice on the latest digital trends, or want more than an ordinary endorsement deal, it’s tough to know how to respond. Managers find themselves in an unenviable position – duty bound to help, but lacking the resources to do it effectively.

We have the time, infrastructure, and network to uncover potential partnerships that offer more than a good chance of success. We go beyond due diligence to discover opportunities that delight celebrity clients.

It’s about personal passion and strategic relevance.

Retaining clients today means offering an expanded range of services that encompasses the best the digital world has to offer. We make this process effortless by reducing workloads and opening up new possibilities without unnecessary risk.

We also offer an independent reality check to give influencers solid advice before making investments, or getting involved in their own pet projects, on a whim. With a mixture of financial analysis and insider knowledge from our network of CEOs and major players, we vet deals before they become a problem.

Headaches in the digital space become a thing of the past, with a fully outsourced vetting service to check current and future deal flow and ensure clients are matched with opportunities that inspire them and produce positive cash flow.

We can discuss potential partnership models and can pre-negotiate with potential partners, making our service truly turnkey.

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