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We build sustainable partnerships with visionary new enterprises based on shared passions, emotions, and lifestyles. We create choices and experiences based on personalities, not numbers.

Elite influencers from the worlds of sports, music, fashion and movies are always looking to broaden their appeal, create new revenue streams and find projects they are passionate about. Sadly, most commercial opportunities are only about money.

From brand ambassadorships to product endorsements, it’s a soulless space that leaves most influencers cold. Without passion, shared beliefs and mutual respect, it’s hard to make long term commitments.

There is a better way.

Instead of looking for pure profits, we help influencers create partnerships with startups and new ventures they can believe in. By matching passions and personalities, we kindle relationships which are rich and rewarding.

We know that for long term success, influencers need to maintain and grow their personal brands. With carefully selected projects, we can help celebrities position themselves as innovators, and add valuable depth to their public personas.

We also work with influencers to develop and vet their own inspirational ideas and evaluating approaches they have already been offered. Our network of digital experts help evaluate and adapt deals and give a realistic, independent perspective on proposals.

We understand that influencers want to make a positive difference and change the world for the better. Beyond the normal parameters of publicity and deal value we know there are ways to create arrangements that promote a better future.

It’s a revolutionary new type of matchmaking which brings cutting edge ideas together with forward thinking influencers to create a mutually beneficial deal for everyone.

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We create together with passionate people unique experiences.

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